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Alan C. Chen, U.S. immigration law expert with over three decades of experience. 

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Dedication to Immigration Practice and Excellence


Alan C. Chen has been practicing almost exclusively in U.S. Immigration Law for over 30 years. His dedication to the practice of immigration law is absolute. He is licensed to practice law in both the state of Texas and New York.


His background includes teaching graduate-level courses in International Law, working as an International Law counselor to a multi-national shipping company based in Hong Kong and working for the U.S. Justice Department's Criminal Law Section.


Chen holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree from Boston College Law School and a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Rutgers University at New Brunswick.


Alan C. Chen is a member and affiliated with

  • the American Immigration Lawyers Association

  • the Texas Immigration Law Association

  • Dallas Bar Association

  • Texas Bar Association


and is licensed to practice law in

  • the State of Texas

  • the State of New York

  • the District of Columbia

  • the United States Supreme Court

  • the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas

  • the United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas

  • the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

  • U.S. Immigration Law in all 50 States


Mr. Chen has spoken to various civic organizations on immigration issues and is a frequent contributor of immigration law to local ethnic newspapers. He is fluent not only in English, but also in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese.

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